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Unread postby spritom » Wed Jul 26, 2017 8:14 pm

While I know that businesses, Ex's and others have little problem seeing everything that's on FB...

I still use FB
My choice is to use it, keeps up with the siblings and parents well (they're out of state) and they really (really) like the FB. So I developed my own personal set of rules only for myself.
It's very vanilla
It's not my soapbox
no FB apps, relationship links, Candy Crush
I even have a couple items on "public"

I know people go on FB rants about how people you see on FB aren't all Kodak-smiling-moments, and yeah, life is far from Kodak (even for Kodak). But I don't care, I use FB the way I want to use it.

With all that said...
I fully realize that the NJ-Ex might still take some innocent-smiley-generic-photo and try to attach some negative story to it. And knowing her, she might succeed in selling the story to somebody. Nevertheless, I accept the risk, I just go for a balance with a real heavy lean toward vanilla.

And if I want to go rag on Trump, Hillary, or LeBron, I just Instagram Fatheroffour! ;)
(yeah, I don't have IG, or Twitter, etc.)
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