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Re: Need help

Unread postby TransAm » Fri May 25, 2012 7:20 am

Lane1340 wrote:

And also not sure how this particular line of discussion is germane to the topic at hand.

As Jackie Gleason would say, the goddamn germans got nothin' to do with it!
"Wrap it up in latex or she's going to get your paychecks."
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Re: Need help

Unread postby Lane1340 » Fri May 25, 2012 3:15 pm

BartSimpson wrote:
Lane1340 wrote:I know what the math is, and I'm also aware of something that you are not - she turned down a job paying 25k per year because she wants to go back for 2 yrs to get her masters and get a job that starts off paying 35k per year, with a greater chance of increased pay in future years due to having said master's degree.

So lets run this down again - math was the wrong word - perhaps it was economics class that you skipped in school. Mind you, this is all rhetorical because you are likely not going to do anything, but others may benefit from this lesson.

Your wifey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree. Do you think that a job in her field at $12.50 an hour is reasonable for such an education? Consider this, the day labor outside Home Depot starts at $15 an hour (30k a year). You are telling us that the best that she could do was a near-minimum wage job at a rate similar to unskilled labor?

During the 2 years while she goes to school to get her masters, she will not earn 50k - lost wages due to her continuing education - because she turned down this 25k per year job. It will also cost for her living expenses, likely a similar amount, around 25K per year. Plus the tuition and books and fees . . .

So that Master of Arts Degree will cost you 100k.

Afterward she will be earning 35k (where 80k to 100k is average). In order to recover the 100k lost while she gets her Masters, she will have to work how many years? And you seriously underestimate what is a reasonable wage for higher education, by about 6 figures.

lane1340 wrote:10k per year difference means quite a bit to her and she is willing to extend her education by 2 years to get the extra 10k per year.

Again, not sure why you're directing that at me - It's HER idea, not mine. And also not sure how this particular line of discussion is germane to the topic at hand.

Because that extra 10k a year is going to cost YOU another 100k. You spend 100k and she gets to earn and keep an extra 10k a year or more after she kicks you to the curb. And I noticed in your original post a year ago that she wants to get her Doctorate, so you are in for 200k or more by the time this is over.

The fact that you are not clear on why this is relative to your topic, playing along with her professional student fantasy, is really sad.

Consider this: Thermometers have degrees and most folks know where to stick them. You, sir, better learn the difference between an oral and rectal thermometer - because in your wifey's divorce plan, it's going to be by the taste.

I'm not paying for her education. She is paying ALL of it - every red cent - with school loans. I get the part where you figure in the lost wages that she could be earning, just bear in mind that I am not paying her education

Her degree is in psychology. With only a bachelors in psych, the best jobs she could get are social worker jobs that start off paying around 25k, maybe 30k at the most.
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Re: Need help

Unread postby Trevor » Fri May 25, 2012 3:59 pm

Dude! You are so missing the point. You want her suckling on your teat for another few years? That's your business. Have a good time while the tick fattens. But don't expect us to tell you that's a dignified, intelligent, and developmental solution.
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