Top 11 Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce

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Top 11 Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce

Unread postby No·MAD » Sat Jan 15, 2005 6:06 pm

Here is a list originally created by ben (which I built onto and modified somewhat - long ago) and it is especially important when dealing with a disordered stbx -

(Top 11 mistakes men make when facing divorce)

1. Lack of action (PROCRASTINATION)
2. Failing to DOCUMENT and RETRIEVE documentation for ALL issues affecting your case.
3. Not getting valid second opinions on EVERYTHING.
4. Underestimating/Overestimating their ex’s
5. Making poor decisions regarding their personal behavior
6. Trying to be noble and ‘fair.’
7. Failing to secure competent, Father-friendly representation.
8. Not educating themself on the law and all aspects of their case
9. Not being your own best advocate (with CONFIDENCE)
10. Not taking advantage of EVERY mistake made by their ex’s
11. Not using emotional intelligence in comunication with their ex's (examples: using guilt to their favor, baiting them into recorded confessions, knowing when to talk vs when not to talk, timing/patience/persistance)
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Unread postby jb » Mon Sep 19, 2005 7:29 pm

can I add a #12?
12) remembering who your wife WAS as opposed to remembering who she now IS. Just because she wouldnt do that before doesnt mean she wont do it now.
Best advise I ever got regarding divorce "She doesnt want to divorce you because she likes you and thinks you are a swell guy"
she WILL pull dirty tricks. Dont be shocked by it and dont let it controll you
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