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Unread postby nwdigicom » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:28 pm

I hope this is posted in the correct forum.

I will try to be brief with my question, but just a few facts..

Filed for divorce last year 12/2016. Wife had health issues, Cancer, heart and mental, She was violent into Meth, multiple men.

It was supposed to be an uncontested divorce, I just wanted out. Gave up 30k in marital and about 2k in personal property.
I set her up before I left with 3K in her bank account, agreed to pay bills and her new car and insurance
Once I filed it all changed, claimed abuse, the state gave her a free attorney. I wanted only 3 things that were my premarital belongings. For 6 months her and her attorneys fought me on these items. ATV, Commercial growing equipment, and my dogs

Got the dogs back after 3 months. She claimed she was terminal with cancer and at this time Dec technically has 1 month to live. Never any proof to the court of this claim.

Judge mediated. Final order and I know this sounds crazy, but her attorneys agreed and is what the judge came at me with.

Get the ATV, the commercial growing equipment and she was to take the car and get it refinanced in her name. The judge gave 90 days.

At the end of 90, got the ATV and Grow equipment back busted. At day 101, The car was dumped at the bank. No registration, seatbelts cut, 2 of 5 quarts of oil and parked in a handicapped zone and ticket $250. I was never notified the bank called me. At day 96, I filed Motion for Immediate Possession of Car and a Writ of Assistance and for Damages i was denied.

BTW, with the help of a paralegal, I have been representing myself. The judge has now denied me 2 motions of reconsideration, This last filing of mine Motion to Reconsider Division of Property Pursuant to Civil Rule 60(b)(1)(2)(3) and (6) and for an Evidentiary Hearing is still pending. The ex filed an opposition a week late claiming to be out of state for the holidays. I did not mention the ex was caught lying several times and her attorneys withdrew.

So, do I do filing of Contempt of court? I also did not receive the "benefit of the bargain", do I seek damages? Do I reply to her opposition?

Thanks for any input.
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Re: Malicious

Unread postby massdad1234 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 8:31 pm

Hi, what state? Are their kids? What is the current status of divorce and where are you living? Wouldn't have any side action would ya?
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Re: Malicious

Unread postby nwdigicom » Sun Dec 31, 2017 8:52 pm

Alaska, No Kids. Living? I am living in a 20'trailer in the dead of Winter in AK. My ex-emailed my employer 15 days after I filed saying I abandoned her with Cancer and cut off her insurance. The fact is this was supposed to be an uncontested divorce. 12 days prior to her emailing my employer she received Medicare and Medicaid. This was the first of the year and a qualifying event for the insurance weekly deduction of $164 to be discontinued. It was agreed the insurance would be canceled, hence Medicare/Medicaid she received on Jan 3 which by the way they gave her 6 months previous coverage.
She filed for and received SSI benefits, which they adjusted saying she was disabled ....I think it was a year earlier. She claimed terminal and received a lump sum of 6 or 7k which she hid from the court. I guess I forgot to mention she told the judge her power was going to be turned off and needed $ 2700 to survive while sitting on this lump sum. Judge caught it and denied her.
So, since she claimed abuse and the state gave her a free attorney, she was filing motions every 10 days that I need to respond to. I work, correction, I worked out of town few weeks at a time which she was well aware of and I had to pass on work in order to reply which went over very well with my very religious employer whom she emailed saying she had terminal cancer, I abandoned for divorce, left her penniless and cut off her health insurance.

Oh something on the side you ask? Sure, she made it a mission to visit all the local establishments we frequented and tell her story as well as everyone on social media. Did I mention I am no longer employed live in a 20' trailer with 2 dogs? The only thing on the side is my right hand.

I guess I also failed to mention the $2600 bill she gave me from her boyfriend for taking care of her when I went out of town for a couple weeks at a time or the credit card I never knew about that she bought gas and beer with for her boyfriend.

1 more tidbit. That growing equipment I wanted back, was commercial indoor growing equipment for a legal cannabis that I set up for a one time harvest to provide relief for her cancer. I left her with 10lbs, however, her attorneys pleaded with the judge about her terminal cancer and how she would die without it allowing her to keep the equipment for 9 months while she and her boyfriend made 3 harvests of at least 7 pounds each as she posted on social media. Even at $200 an ounce, the 330 or so ounces profited them at least 70k. Did I mention our state delivers free of charge cannabis to cancer patients or that she was committing a felony that the judge approved of as she was not licensed or permitted to grow such a large quantity?

This just the tip of the iceberg.

The judge granted the divorce, however, she was ordered to return my property after 90 days which she did....All busted.

So I just got done with my paperwork and am filing this first thing Tuesday

PURSUANT TO CIVIL RULE 60(B)(1)(2)(3) and (6)

She filed a barely legible handwritten opposition to my motion 2 weeks late. I am asking for $22,000 be granted

Happy New Years to all.

Including my ex who just got back with her boyfriend from their out of state vacation for 21 days and is the reason, she filed late she wrote the judge, All that on monthly $875 SSI check. I guess I forgot to mention the Pick up she bought. :roll:
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Re: Malicious

Unread postby Chasbo » Mon Jan 01, 2018 7:47 am

My focus would be on forgetting this divorce and moving on. It's sounds like a nightmare and if you had kids it would have been utterly f.ed.

You seem fixated on this case. Given your ex is dying and is a nut you should be completely happy being out of it. I would concentrate on getting a job and moving forward before I went crazy myself
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Re: Malicious

Unread postby nr552 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 11:19 am

Grizzly bears happen...
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Re: Malicious

Unread postby nwdigicom » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:20 pm

Dropping the matter at this point is just not going to happen. I have given up about 30k in marital property, lost my job and now have a car and insurance payment of $680 a month. The 3 things I was supposed to have returned were returned busted. As far as her dying, along with everything else has been a lie.
I am more angry with the female judge than anything for allowing all this to happen. How do you claim terminally ill with no proof? I tried to subpoena the medical records, but her attorney blocked that. I have emails from her almost taunting me that she is not terminal, will outlive me and dance on my grave.
I have an email from her at noon saying her house was broken into and my stuff was all stolen. 2 hours later, another email saying nevermind her friends put everything outside. It was raining for 3 days straight. I send someone to pick up the stuff and it is all damaged from being outside, yet she tells the judge it was all packaged nicely and stored inside.

I have pictures estimates of the damages, yet the judge ignores them. If this was turned around, I would be sitting in jail, fined and in contempt of court.

I feel I am a reasonable and prudent person.If things went 30/70 or even 20/80 in her favor, I could accept that. But having 100% in her favor after the malicious stuff the judge is letting her get away with, is unacceptable.

I understand those that may read this may say move on. I have not even posted half of what has happened. It is a completely biased system set up only for the women. I will see this through and depending on what the judge does next will file a grievance with the court.
Yes I do have a new job in 3 weeks. I work out of town a couple 3 weeks a month. If the ex-finds out I have a new job, I will bet my life she will call the police claiming she saw me outside with a gun or some other crazy lie just so I have to deal with more nonsense. Yes, it is that bad.

There are no resources for a man. Anyway, it's a new year, hoping the judge will make some type of rational decision as this is dangerous for the community and is probably the reason why many come up missing.
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Re: Malicious

Unread postby HaltAndCatchFire » Wed Jan 03, 2018 2:42 pm

nwdigicom wrote:It is a completely biased system set up only for the women.

Judges make rulings based on facts, not genitals.

There are no resources for a man.

This forum is by far the best volunteer resource for men dealing with divorce in the US.

For the damaged personal property, what's the assessed/replacement value?
The only way out is through.
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