Child support request, already have a case

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Child support request, already have a case

Unread postby kitkat1976 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 9:56 am

Good morning and thank you for allowing me to join. I am not a "father" but I AM a non-custodial mother of 4 who pays child support (now for 2, only 2 are under 18). Long story short, had a violent marriage with their father. We divorced in 2006 but prior to that they were placed in custody of one of his relatives. Despite my going to court to get custody back, the judge ruled they are doing well where they are and there is no need to uproot them and move them back to me. We have all adjusted to the situation, and it is what it is, and we're all doing ok with it. My issue is, there has been an active, court ordered child support obligation since 2010 (before, it was just coming out of my pocket). She gets paid what is called "relative caregiver funds" and my child support goes to pay THAT back. I don't miss payments, never have. I got a letter from our local child support office this week saying services were requested for the 2 younger children; we already have an established child support so I am assuming (until they contact me back with some answers) that she has filed to get more money but get it directly through the CS office instead of the caregiver funds. I already don't NET a thousand a month after $750 child support (and other deductions). I also got married in March (which I know they don't count a spouse's income, but per her reasoning, probably another reason to try and get more). Can they just take more money that way? She doesn't work, never has. Side note, their father is not in the picture. He ran from child support and no one can find him.
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Re: Child support request, already have a case

Unread postby BartSimpson » Fri Dec 15, 2017 10:07 am

Ma’am, are you lost? This is a men’s forum, and it is important to us for it to remain as such.

You should consider posting on the forums of, they are very qualified to address your concerns and not a gender based forum.

Thank you in advance for understanding.
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Re: Child support request, already have a case

Unread postby Havalu7 » Fri Dec 15, 2017 1:29 pm

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