can judge force alimony if wife doesn't ask

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Re: can judge force alimony if wife doesn't ask

Unread postby sco » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:11 pm

Forthechildren I'm paying child support per state guidelines, in fact I'm paying a bit more cause wife didn't report 6k of unemployment she received at one time. I'm taking an updated child support worksheet with me, if judge signs off 'no alimony', I'll let it slide.. if judge gives me problems then I'll ask to incorporate the new cs figure.

We've agreed on shared parenting...

Minuette I will add the revised code language, it strengthens the provision. Thanks

Hanzblinx ur right, it's definitely a tax payr waste of money :)

Well it seems like I have a shot at the judge honoring our request for no alimony... we'll see on june 20th, I'll keep y'all posted.
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