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Parental Alienation, Malicious Mother Syndrome, dealing with the ex, and various other non-legal concerns throughout the process.

Re: Parenting olan

Unread postby gamingdad » Fri Jan 12, 2018 2:30 am

Chaos wrote:She's refusing access until after court.


Did you mean "Recursion"?
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Re: Parenting olan

Unread postby Chaos » Fri Jan 12, 2018 3:53 am

No. What I said was what I meant. I'd like to agree with you, but Google didn't know what you were talking about. So yeah, no.

She's refusing access to the child until after they go to court.
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Re: Parenting olan

Unread postby Dad2015 » Fri Jan 12, 2018 10:25 am

In the perfect world some of the suggestions would work out.

I JUST bought my house, it was hard to qualify and hard to go through the process. I cannot just up and sell my home, move away from my first son, and hope other woman doesn't move. She rents and could move at any time.

I work an hour in the opposite direction and it took me forever to get the job. The market is tough where we are and I cannot just up and quit and hope there is something that pays near this so I can pay both child support amounts.

I would have loved to be a FULL time dad to both but it's just not possible. Not every parent can make 50% work.

I messed up and it came out of left field that I was a dad again.

You guys can tell me I'm making excuses but it's reality. I don't have the money to just up and move and still pay for what needs to be paid for.

I'm trying to be there as much as I can and if I do get him I will drive an hour and a half to drop him off at school and make it to work and same for pickups. I'm trying.

The time I make for child 2 I'm also losing out on child 1. I cannot drive them both in opposite directions and make it to work. Neither mom will change the schools.

It's not quite as easy as you guys make it seem.

I just need advise on what you guys have experienced with judges. What do they usually issue if no agreement can be had by the parents.
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