Why do I feel this way?

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Why do I feel this way?

Unread postby straightlinespeed » Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:30 pm

Our house got flooded and its been 2 months and its still not finished. We are dealing with contractors daily and then sometimes none all week. It wasnt a big deal when school was in I would just get my D11 after school and everything worked out great. Now that summer is here and no more school, Im not comfortable leaving her home alone with strange contractors. I was sending her to her old daycare for a few days, but thats $25 bucks a day. My NJ ex volunteered to keep her at her house during the day and I could just drop her off and pick her up before and after work. Well That is 15 miles in the other direction from my work. Daycare is in the same town.

My normal days are Sunday evening until Wednesday evening. Well since we had contractors at the house both Monday and Tuesday, I opted to let the ex just keep her those days and nights, Sunday included. I was still unsure of contractors being at the house Thursday and Friday but Thursday around 2pm I found out none the rest of the week. I called her and told her I would be taking my daughter that night. She said she already made plans with her but I could take her Thursday and Friday night. Not a problem, I was thinking. Then I thought well lets just go week for week. She keep her all this week me all next week and we would be even. Well that didnt go over so well at all and I get nothing but hell for even suggesting it. She then tells me that my D11 isnt happy at all about having to be with me Friday night. Of course in front of her. Ya, that hurts! I know my ex coaches her and "buys" her love and bashes me all the time. I have never once bashed her mom or anything like that. Even when I want to I let my daughter know that her mom would miss her or she needs to go with her mom, etc.

After I get off the phone with her Im just angry and hurt all in one. I know my NJ ex is a control freak and her ultimate goal is to get my D11 full time. I hate feeling that sometimes I just need to give in and give up my D11, I think life would be easier if my NJ ex had her all the time and what not. Why do I feel this way and do any other fathers feel this way?

I really hope this makes sense, I cant explain to well about how I feel.
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Re: Why do I feel this way?

Unread postby Fatheroffour » Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:39 pm

Seems like that would be a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

You began this vignette by letting mom keep the kid while you worked and then just let her keep her at nights as well. Go pick kiddo up during your time and if you're going to let mom keep her while you work, take the bucks you saved on a sitter and do something fun with kiddo.
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