Domestic Support Obligation, Unpaid Med Bills, and Ch.7 BK

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Domestic Support Obligation, Unpaid Med Bills, and Ch.7 BK

Unread postby tr1plethreat » Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:00 pm

NJ has refused to pay her half of our S1 residual med bills from a serious accident, roughly $6K (her half). As a result the medical collectors have come after me.

She filed Ch. 7 Bankruptcy rather than pay the bills.

A family court support order was in place directing each parent to pay 50% of unpaid med expenses prior to her filing for BK.

My question is: Can she override a family support order by filing BK? I thought you couldn't discharge Domestic Support Obligation per Title 11?

Note: She listed the doctors and hospital as creditors but she did not list me as a creditor. If I pay the full amount, am I then her creditor and she will have to reimburse me per the support order? I think I need to file a motion for reimbursement.
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