Alimony ending due to ex being remarried - what do i do?

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Re: Alimony ending due to ex being remarried - what do i do?

Unread postby dad2grls » Fri Jan 12, 2018 12:30 pm

TJinCA wrote:Not a lawyer, but I don't see where you need to get any "proof" or file anything with the court. You've already got an order that says that your obligation ends on her remarriage, so once you're confident that the marriage has taken place you can just stop paying.

What's she going to do? Take you to court and try to prove she's not married, when it's a matter of public record? Seems like that would be stupid on her part.

I second this. If there's a wedding, especially one that your children are attending, once it's taken place, your obligation to her is satisfied.

What's she going to do? Petition the courts for spousal support, drag you into the courtroom and say "He's not paying his support!" at which point you'd say "Um, there was a WEDDING, you exchanged vows during the CEREMONY, you had a celebration that lots of people attended, our children were there, and here's exhibit A which shows the part of our divorce decree that states "alimony ends on remarriage of the recipient".

Then you'd request the court pay your legal fees since the motion was frivolous to start with.

But of course none of that is going to happen, your ex-wife foolishly is putting a second marriage, one that is highly likely to fail, above the importance of the support you will no longer be paying.

Consider yourself fortunate.

Also realize if the marriage fails after a short period of time she can petition for reinstatement of support.

Also realize that if child support is being paid it may be subject to upward adjustment with discontinuation of spousal support.
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Re: Alimony ending due to ex being remarried - what do i do?

Unread postby Chicyn2001 » Tue Jan 16, 2018 9:45 am

Had a friend go through this exact thing. He wanted to make sure there were no problems so he just called his lawyer for advice on how to go about it so there was no argument from the ex. Not saying you have to talk to a lawyer by any means but my friend just wanted to make sure he did things legally. His attorney just told him the steps to take and my friend was able to do it all on his own. He was able to obtain a copy of the marriage certificate and submitted it to the clerk's office with a copy of the divorce decree. It was filed and it was done. Like most others have said, she really doesn't have an argument. A simple call to the county clerk could probably answer all your questions.
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Re: Alimony ending due to ex being remarried - what do i do?

Unread postby 44holby » Tue Jan 16, 2018 3:57 pm

Thanks for everyone advise. This is what I am planning to do.

First let me state that my decree does state that upon remarriage, termination of spousal support will take place. Secondly, I pay her outside of the system. I send her an electronic fund transfer each month - so there is really no court system happening that would flag or garnish wages from my salary to stop. i can just simply stop when i need to or desire.

I am planning to send her a letter / email after the wedding date stating the following:
The kids have told me that you are getting remarried on XXXX, 2018. Congratulations.

I wanted to share my intentions of finalizing the spousal support obligations within our divorce decree. According to the decree, the spousal support obligations will terminate with your remarriage. I will continue to provide you with the court ordered monthly amount of $XXXXXX/month until XXXXX 2018. I will then provide you a pro-rated amount, XX of XX days for the month of XXXXX, which would be an amount of $XXXX. This final payment will satisfy the requirements of the decree in full and no further payments will be tendered.

Again, congratulations and let me know if you have any questions.

Then, i plan to acquire a copy of the marriage certificate, send it along with the decree to the Courts to have filled.

That is my plan and I don't think anything further is needed. And THANK GOD!!!
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