Fighting Child Support as Unconstitutional - Any Merit?

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Re: Fighting Child Support as Unconstitutional - Any Merit?

Unread postby Dadwilling2fight » Wed Nov 22, 2017 11:15 pm

I have been coming to this forum for almost a year and I have read 1000s of posts from the fathers here and I can honestly say this forum saved me in so many ways. My sanity at some points. The advice here is on point and the mentors who post truly care about helping fathers through a terrible situation. There is no better resource for fathers than this forum. Its my opinion but I am grateful to the dads who continue reading, posting and dedicating their time and experience to people who come here seeking help.

This dad is obviously educated and passionate but angry. I agree the family court system is broke and child custody and child support are totally separate engines. One motivated by money, the other they claim best interest of the children but it wasn't always this way. Our family court system has changed a lot since inception and is overloaded with so many couples divorcing or never marrying at all but have children. I would never have believed most of what I have read or experienced unless I went through it myself. Most people I have told don't believe me when I try to explain what I have been through but the gentlemen here know it all too well.

So many times I would read something unbelievable and think my ex is bad but not that bad or this won't happen to me. I was wrong every time and everything I was learning from the dads who went through it was dead right.

I do agree that making threats of harm or ill wishes of our ex's or anyone even jokes don't belong on this forum. Tough love at times and solid advice is what you can expect. I felt compelled to write this for any new comer catching this thread early on.

Beatandtired, even if you change your username come back and continue to post. You have much to offer other fathers here and it sounds like you have an ability to make a difference. Set the anger aside and channel your efforts. I get the frustration, believe me.
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