Update 4

Your divorce and child custody agreements are final, get practical tips for moving on with your life after divorce.

Update 4

Unread postby hoot74 » Wed Apr 05, 2017 3:39 pm

The hearing for Summary Judgement was today. The Judge read the decision from the bench. It was typed up before oral arguments. The motion was denied in its entirety, and the Judge appeared incensed at the ex, noting that it is absurd for her to claim that I want a trial in order to delay and thwart the wishes of the children to live with the ex - particularly because the trial, trial date, and trial length, was agreed by the Judge, both parties, and attorneys for both parties (when the ex had a different attorney).

The AFC basically said that everything that is going on is silly because, in her view, the two parties are simply having a war with each other and there are no real issues.

So, on to trial in September.
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