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Unread postby tdever » Thu Mar 16, 2017 5:39 pm

Phoenix853 wrote:Yes she can direct her Attorney to take all her calls from you. If you don't, she could get a RO against you.
She's kinda saying if you don't use the attorney she'll make it official. Then you'll really need an attorney and a bucket of money.

No you wont have a case against her Attorney or her for Contempt. It will flop and you will have your custody changed to suite your location. It is possible that you will loose even more time due to your distance. I'm thinking Summers and some major Holidays. That will be fun.

and as i have said multiple times before I already have custody based on me living out of state. And I do have a attorney, and some of what people have said on here is true and some is not. I am not sure how it is in other states but in the State of SC, if you are not in compliance with what the divorce decree states then you are in contempt of court. So right now I have a pleading in with the court for 13 items that are up for contempt. I have a hearing set as well. What you guys are hearing is and taking what I am saying way out of context. Just like me there are rules that she must abide by as well, and I am here to make sure that she does.

She wouldn't if I had my children talk to a lawyer rather than me to set up < parenting time > dates. And if that is what she wants to do that is fine. When I asked that question originally on here I was like it does not make a lot of sense that she can do that. In my decree it is very detailed on the responsibilities of both parties. The GAL that was appointed also made it very clear as to what hers and my responsibilities were. All I am saying that there has to be some sort of recourse just because she is tired of me asking questions about what my daughters are doing.

Well one guy said well you probably blow her up asking her questions. Not true at all. I ask her questions when my daughters tell me something that she should have told me not a 8 year old. that is all. so maybe one time every couple weeks.

You can ask for address update and preferred contact information.

I would start looking for a job in SC to be closer to your child.
Change the custody.
Live happily ever after with little to Zero contact from your Stbx/Ex.

Your not hearing people here. She doesn't have to talk to you or give you any information.

I am hearing it loud and clear. I understand that she doesn't have to give me info. I have heard it from multiple people on here. and that is fine. All I was asking for originally was if anyone else had a similar situation, and if that was legal to do. It would have been way easier to say yeah she can do whatever. And truthfully i know that she can i have dealt with her shadiness for the last two years.

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Unread postby Trevor » Thu Mar 16, 2017 8:20 pm

< bovine scat >.

Dude, we have discussed cases like yours with hundreds, if not thousands, of men over the past decade plus. Hundreds of us, including me, lost our asses financially in our divorces. Further, I lost my job as well, shortly after my divorce was finalized. So I know exactly WTF you're going through. But I made a much better decision than you did. You failed to go back to the court to adjust your obligations due to your job loss. That was the second biggest mistake you made.

You are not special. You are not different. Neither are your kids. The aggregate knowledge from all this forum's data and analysis happens to correlate tightly with our recommendations. Do you know anything about statistics and probability? [Rhet.]

You really owe it to your kids to think long and hard about why you choose to remain 500 miles away from them. Seriously. It must really suck for them to have a part-time Dad. You could be so much more if you'd only prioritize that in your life.

We're still gonna be here, if you decide that you'd rather live your life such that your kids can count on you to show up at every practice, match, recital, camping trip, or homework session. We'll be here doing that for Dads who make that their mission.

Until then, your kids are going to be raised by some other guy.

Rest well.
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Unread postby big guy » Fri Mar 17, 2017 11:06 am

You are going to lose. It doesn't matter why you moved away. The kids now don't have time with you. That 1000 mile round trip on your weekends could easily be determined by mom to be too much time in the car for the kids and she should step in and prevent the problem from occurring. Your only recourse is to move.
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