Court rejected stipulation to end spousal support

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Re: Court rejected stipulation to end spousal support

Unread postby EricnTexas » Sun Feb 05, 2017 1:19 pm

Thoughts? wrote:Sent it to the court? That opens yourself to possible mis-interpretations. Have never appeared in a CA court, but in TX one party usually shows up at an uncontested docket, like it might be at a set time like 2pm Wednesdays, you're sworn in, present the stipulated order signed by both of you, and you're done. In your case, the judge would have asked about representation status, at which time you should have produced the notice-of-withdrawal letters with the court-clerk's stamp indicating they were filed with the court at the time.

Excellent suggestions. The court has a Family Law Facilitator who looks like the next step. I'll make a phone call. Also the ex may be willing to make an appointment since she only lives a few miles from the courthouse.
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