Ex is Moving Back!

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Re: Ex is Moving Back!

Unread postby ForumVenter 1 » Thu Jan 19, 2017 12:26 pm

BartSimpson wrote:You really want that to be true, but you don't actually know that.

In fact, you gave other reasons in this thread when you were rational.

I don't know that to be true, correct. But if I have reason to believe such things and I want to be pro-active against them shouldn't be perceived as the terrible thing you are making it out to be. Does a backup QB not practice because the team already has a starter?

Every time I start to have compassion for her, it bites me. Much like a bark collar works on a dog, the dog eventually learns.

I seem to butt heads with you quite a bit. And I know you present yourself as an older guy that has seen it all and knows it all. I think it would help enlighten me (and others) if you could share the situation you went through. If willing, please post a new Topic (or refer me to an existing thread) as I am interested in knowing.
OH - Residential parent of D after a long distance move by Ex. If your child(ren) aren't a priority, you will have no chance at gaining custody.
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