Full custody Dad's?

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Full custody Dad's?

Unread postby red4573 » Thu May 10, 2012 10:03 pm

Are there any Full (I mean everything) custody dad's out there. and what was the situation before the divorce. Was she crazy, lazy, bad mom, drugs, or just didn't work out? And do you or do you not get along well with them after divorce.
I 'll start with mine. She was a stay at home mother of our two children. I worked two jobs trying to get our own restoration company started. She said I was never home and she was not happy. She never cleaned the house, allways dirty dishes in the sink never wanted to go any where when we had a chance and said I was the boring old man?? She had been talking to a friend that was going though Marine boot camp, more like he was sending love letters to her that made me :twisted:, we had a "talk" while he was on leave.Having setteled that he ended up getting kick out because of drugs :| :wink:. She ended up pregnent and poeple in her life said it was the ex-Marines :lol:. I was pissed off but decided to trust her that it was mine and that she never had been with anyone but me.Our second child was a boy and he is for sure 100% mine. Ironically she said I did not trust her, and that I was insanely jealous after she found out what had happened with the "TALK".
After the seperation she started doing drugs herself (that I found out later on) but had my suspicion's. Hanging out with the scum of the earth doing god only knpw's what. pulled my oldest out of preschool :x this is what change the custody :D . Did not show for visitations , went to Florida with her pimp, oops Imean her on agin off agin 40yrs older rich boy friend for 3 months at a time with no contact with our children. They would break up she would party more and then back agin and that happened several times. Then she attached her leach like self to a very young seems to be a good guy Chemical Engineer $$$,$$$ big surprise. Not married yet but very pregnent do in July. Then she has moved 2hrs away to be closer to HIS work. and wants me to go from a 15 min drive to a 1hr drive by freeway to exchange kids and also wants the children ALL summer long :( .
That's just a little bit of my experence. Sorry for any misspellings, it's past my bedtime and I'm not going to proof read this.Thanks for any replies.
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