Attorney Harassment - They are under ethical rules, right?

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Re: Attorney Harassment - They are under ethical rules, righ

Unread postby Phoenix853 » Thu Jan 11, 2018 12:38 pm

This train is starting to go off the rails a bit.

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These are two things you should be concerned with at this stage. If you don't make the full payment you would normally expect the letter to increase and possibly another court date to settle the issue with more clarity to the orders. If drama is your game then expect those results. If you wanting to settle this you will and you know that you will be expecting a 10% interest.
At this point it's not harassment. DGAF

We encourage you to pay this entanglement off as soon as feasibly possible. It's better for you, it's better for your Ex, all around better for everyone. You don't have to spend energy worrying about who will come after you and they don't have to worry about coming after you.

radio silence
Untangle the entanglement
Focus on your Peace
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