Court Consiliation Evaluator Biased.

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Re: Court Consiliation Evaluator Biased.

Unread postby Bobby5000 » Sat Jan 13, 2018 8:10 am

I get the feeling we are missing something. That said, based upon what you wrote, this is the place to be. All exchanges should be supervised. The don't trust her, document everything, get a tough attorney view that permeates many discussions would seem to be appropriate in your case. If there is an order, it should be enforced, and motions for contempt filed when there is a deviation. Any deviation should probably be met with a certified letter.
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Re: Court Consiliation Evaluator Biased.

Unread postby dadforever » Sun Jan 14, 2018 5:17 pm

Our cases have some similarities. Above all, my first piece of advice is to completely reject any false narrative that your ex puts forth. Don't couch or defend yourself- don't go there. At this point there is no evidence that you have a drug or alcohol problem and no reason whatsoever to prove your sobriety. Therefore your conciliator is completely at fault for taking the stance that she is. Act accordingly.

As to the false arrest, one thing that I did that I would recommend is to set up meeting with the arresting officer and the police chief. At the meeting I requested that they charge my ex with the crime of filing a false police report. I couldn't get them to do this, but it was still fruitful in that they have since never charged me with any further crimes despite my ex having them on speed dial. If I had to do it again, I would probably escalate the matter to an internal affairs investigation and possibly file a complaint against the arresting officer. You probably have an even better case for doing this than I did considering the police ignored video evidence and arrested you, anyway.

I had to jump through many hoops in my case. I highly doubt my ex will ever succeed in getting me to jump through more hoops as people in the system eventually came to realize that they couldn't run me over without a fight. Don't make it easy on them for best results.
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Re: Court Consiliation Evaluator Biased.

Unread postby grandet2 » Mon Jan 15, 2018 11:26 am

Bro, you are on the defense, you need to get on the offense, seed ideas in every one you are going deal - that she is fluking crazy, off her rockers.

Then on every time she makes a wild accusations, you go: See, here we go again.

You need to come down to a game plan how to handle these and put a stop to these proactively.

read- re-read what other have suggested here.

I had to deal with similar loving ex-wife. When I received her pleadings I took the original, unfolded, to the local PD and met with them. I told them I am scared of her and asked for advice. The police asked me to do half of what is in Tom's list. Yes, the police.

You need to stop defending and think how you can bait her, she is predictable, use it!
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