Upcoming Divorce--Questions??

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Re: Upcoming KY divorce--Questions??

Unread postby _ProudPoppa_ » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:39 pm

So I could use some advice on ROFR. Stbx has a new job where she works from home. I'm glad for her for the fact it will allow D1 more time with her. Stbx is a good mom. My job is full time, but I usually only work about 30 hours a week, or less. I'm salaried in healthcare But, I'm on call one rotating weekday each week and one weekend a month. She's trying to use this against me to reduce my parenting time. But, my mom moves in this week, and I have a nanny on call. My bases are covered.

Our issue is I'll need to pick up D1 some mornings at 6:30. She's arguing against it. While married we routinely dropped of D1 at 6:15am to be watched by her step mom. We did this for the last 12 months. Stbx old job had varied hours like mine, so we had some early mornings.

And, stbx is moving in with her dad and step mom until she gets her own place. I'm afraid she'll set status quo during our temp orders by keeping D1 in the mornings. Nothing I can do if she won't open the door. I'd like to see a 24 hour ROFR. I think it will reduce conflict in the the future. She's arguing "parents come first", which I do agree. But, you can't not pick over an hour or two.

Also, she's very reluctant to put specific guidelines into a parenting plan. She doesn't even know what a PP is! She wanted me to sign a color coded calendar with no words or times to submit to our lawyers. Sheesh. I didn't sign anything.
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