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Re: Choosing my attorney

Unread postby Timeflies » Sat Mar 11, 2017 11:26 am

RockyCali wrote:I wish I hadn't been such a cheap < hindquarters > 3 years ago. I wish I hadn't panicked and felt like I had to get somebody within 48 hours. That haste has cost me a lot of heartache and tens of thousands of dollars.

After gaining some insight from experience here in Florida. I totally agree with your statement. The process is so slow because the judges case load is so overwhelmed that the first two months is spent basically waiting. There isn't much you can do. It takes three months just to get a hearing for exclusive use. I know because my Sbtx is trying.

Also it takes 10 days to serve notice. Then 45 days to respond. And if Sbtx doesn't respond your counsel petitions the judge to make her respond, another few days. Then she gets 10 more days to respond. Then schedule mandatory mediation.

Unless you use a private mediator then you wait on that as well. Court mediators are a joke from what I've been told. They are ready to go to the next while in your mediation. It's a long, long process in Florida. Will last a year if Sbtx fights it all the way and there isn't much to fight over. Florida is 50/50 custody.

Take your time, listen, ask questions and find the right attorney. I dropped my first attorney and was without counsel for weeks. Didn't matter one iota.
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