Pay for S8 expensive for no child support

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Re: Pay for S8 expensive for no child support

Unread postby Chasbo » Mon Mar 13, 2017 8:42 am

You can negotiate child support. But you need a judge to sign off on it.

Your ex will see that it deviates from the norm. And has to sign off on it.

My ex let's me pay lower cs. But I have kids 70% of the time quite often.
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Re: Pay for S8 expensive for no child support

Unread postby Minerva » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:46 pm

You can negotiate and agree on whatever you want. But keep in mind that no matter what your wife agrees to in writing and signed off by a judge. In almost every state I know in 2-3 years she can go back to family court and get an adjustment based on your latest wages and go right off the state formula again.

So if you do somehow get a lower amount agreed on, consider it cake icing and that at any point in time it will increase to the calculated level.

Attorney's will use people's ignorance of the law to their advantage. "Tell him you'll reduce CS to get more leverage in other areas, in 2 years you can go back and get an extra increase from the CS when you get it recalculated to the right amount."

Oldest trick in the book. Happens before divorce too, guys think their ex is doing them a favor by not raking them over the coals by going to court for a formal CS obligation. Then guess what, one day she changes her mind and all the money you gave her gets to be considered a "gift" and you end up owing thousands in back support.
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Re: Pay for S8 expensive for no child support

Unread postby astrolink » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:51 pm

Negotiating away child support is not supported by law, thus statute would override any agreement you make in your decree. It would be like getting your ex to agree to 50 lashes anytime she is late bringing the child to you. A judge can sign off on it, but it's unenforceable. Neither is within the scope of the law.

In most states, she could call CSE the day you sign the degree (after you've given away tens or hundreds of thousands of assets in lieu of child support) and your support would start that day.
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