OSC and Mediation again after I had OSC today

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OSC and Mediation again after I had OSC today

Unread postby grandseahawk » Tue Jan 31, 2012 1:54 pm

I just had and OSC to gain more time with my kids. The kids met with the mediator previously too where there mom and I presented out cases to the mediator.

Mediator made a recommendation for one additional day based on my confusing work schedule...I'm a firefighter.

I court in today's MSC I disagreed with the mediator asking for more time and presenting a schedule that took her recommendations into consideration.
I asked her in court id I had presented this new schedule I presented to if she though it was good. She said yes. However, the judge went with her previous written recommendation.

Can I do another OSC for this?

Should I go to another Medication with the kids so the Mediator can write another recommendation?
She will agree with my schedule now.

Any thoughts?
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