Anyone with Newborn experience?

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Re: Anyone with Newborn experience?

Unread postby Lawmoe » Sat Jan 08, 2005 8:35 pm

It seems to me you are on the wrong board if you are looking for an agreeement form someone to deny the father access. It certainly sounds as if that is the goal with the continued adding of facts when others disagree with your points.

Was the mother an experienced parent before she had the child? Everyone must start somewhere. The father can certainly seek assistance from his family or even his girlfriend if that gender makes you a little more comfortable.

Re: Re--post HP=Stuck in the middle..

Unread postby Pete-last hurrah! » Sat Jan 08, 2005 9:01 pm

Everyone went around this and other issues with her before Lawmoe. She doesn't like when there is disagreement with her perspective. She seems to think if we disagree we are misinformed somewhoe.

HP wrote:
"HP and whoever else you people claim me to be."

I am not trying to be a real pain here, but don't deny using alternate names to avoid being identified.

You are Stuck in the middle, HP, Justcause, and sickofbeingtrashed and others I am sure.

Nuke, myself, and others were not real pleasant with you before, and it appears you still have the same problems as before with our "attitudes"

Stop kidding around now about who you are:

Stuck In the Middle ( posted here: ... eply_76503

did not like the responses, and posted again here... ... eply_76507

who was rebuked, and got mad at all of us for this post: ... 77&t=77477

and got rebuked again here: ... eply_78004

and did not like us it so posted here:

Sickofbeingtrashed ( ... eply_86645
(but was removed for content) stating that you are a "< female dog >:" and proud of it.

then posted here:

Justcause ( ... eply_86685

and is now on claiming to be on our side here:

HP ( ... eply_86939
HP (
Pete-last hurrah!


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