They're all nuts...

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They're all nuts...

Unread postby Thoughts? » Sat Jan 08, 2005 4:10 pm

Oy...Need to vent....what a weekend....Ya'll may recall my earlier posts where I was considering her last ditch request for reconciliation attempt...

Had closed the chapter on the marriage...found into shape...great Xmas with kids...looking to criteria was to look at myself in the know I didn't discard the vows casually...

Well...she got me to go to a Church program....went for curiosity after getting loads of advice...very intense...very emotional...we admit our wrongs...forgive ourselves...forgive each other...poured my heart out...

...and I just learned in the sessions (from her) that her only fault was being too nice and enabling my being evil incarnate....she then went on about just how evil I nauseum...

She was using the guise of the Church, a Christian last-ditch-let's-start-anew-and-forgive-each-other program, to fail to admit she had any faults, and to continue beating on me, hurting me, making me suffer, as a tool for manipulation...

Oy....they're all nuts....

Had to ask myself "will she play victim rest of her life" and "do I want to live with this." Decided to leave.

Gonna see my kids later. Then have a beer with friends afterwards.... maybe hit some parties & get laid....

Tomorrow...hit the gym for hours & hours....then have a beer with friends...maybe hit some parties & get laid....

Next my job...see my kids...have a blast...hours & hours....have a beer with friends....etc., etc.

You get the picture....which life do I want to lead?

Life is going to have a blast, have some memorable times with my kids, funnel all spare change into making sure they have a future...and now know beyond doubt that women really are, totally, completely, unbelievably, insane....

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby Kia » Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:10 pm

Not ALL of us..LOL..We dislike those gold diggers that make us look bad just ,well almost as much,as you guys do!! I find it hard to call them"women" because they use men to futher their monatary agenda's.Heck, they even have and use their kids to do so.Yikes.Just know that there are some women out there who don't go by the old BS that they need to be supported(unfairly) by a guy. This is a new day and age,Equallity is the word and should also cause a change in some of the antiquated laws. Just my 2 cent worth! Sorry you went through that.Hope you enjoy your freedom and keep asserting your right to be a father!!
Keep fighting the laws!

Re: Ok, but this is nuts...

Unread postby Kia » Sat Jan 08, 2005 6:41 pm

what in the world is he thinking? A friend of mine knows him and i want him to tell him to leave her alone..forget her! This is just crazy!I KNOW none of you would even come close to doing this!

ARAPAHOE COUNTY - Peter Spitz shifted nervously on a wooden bench Friday, as his wife was led into the courtroom in shackles and maroon jail scrubs. His breathing quickened, which was evident by the faint whistle of his purple-and-orange tracheotomy tube, and he leaned toward a friend seated to his left. The woman whispered into Spitz's ear and confirmed that a jail deputy had led Teresa - the woman accused of shooting him three times in the face and killing his mother - into the courtroom.

He gazed straight ahead and smiled in Teresa's direction, even though he couldn't see her.

"I want my wife back," he said. "I want Teresa back."

Friday was just one of a handful of days Spitz has been near his wife since May 17, when she allegedly fired five shots. Two bullets killed his mother, Mariko Shida; the other three tore through his face while he slept.

As soon as he awoke from a two-day, drug-induced coma - blinded and breathing through a tube - Spitz asked for Teresa.

His two grown sons gently broke the news.

"At first, I didn't believe them," he said. "I got mad."

But the news didn't break his desire to be with his wife or tell her that he still loved her.

A judge issued a restraining order barring Spitz from communicating with his wife. He later begged the judge that it be lifted - to no avail.

"I want people to understand that I'm not a lovesick, doting husband who doesn't get what happened," Spitz said. "I'm fully aware of the gravity of the circumstances.

"I know this is (the result) of a profound mental illness, not a criminal act."

Unlikely romance

Fifteen years ago, 28-year-old Peter Spitz, an Army Reserve recruiter, was introduced to 10-year-old Teresa Dickey, the stepdaughter of a co-worker.

Their meeting meant little at the time, but seven years later, stronger feelings surfaced.

"After she was 18, she made it clear that she wanted more," he said. "We were soul mates. We understood each other."

But some of Teresa's family had concerns with the 18-year age difference.

The couple's love blossomed slowly because Spitz was on the road, working as a truck driver.

"I had $500 phone bills," he said. "That's why we were so close. Our first year was just talking."

When Teresa received her associate's degree in sign-language interpretation from a Kansas community college, the couple moved to Colorado.

They were engaged for 11/2 years before marrying at the Brown Palace Hotel in 2000 and honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Teresa enrolled in a Denver truck-driving school so she could travel the country with her husband. They documented their travels with cuddly photos in front of semitrailer trucks.

In 2003, their only child, a son, was born.

For some reason, Teresa believed she wasn't a good mother or a good wife.

"Teresa worried about doing everything right," Spitz said. "My mom always told her she was a natural mother."

On May 9, 2004, Teresa celebrated her first Mother's Day. She knew her husband had bought his mother flowers but didn't expect a gift.

She was shocked to see a brilliant bouquet of red roses and baby's breath waiting for her at home.

'An amazing day'

One week later was a typical Sunday. The Spitzes puttered around their Englewood home and worked on putting up a chain-link fence. Shida, who owned the home, sat under a backyard tree with the couple's infant son, as he bounced around in a jumper.

"We had an amazing day," Spitz said, a smile filling his face.

That night, Shida treated the Spitzes to dinner at Red Lobster.

Back at home, they chatted briefly before heading to bed early.

Shortly before 4 a.m., Teresa called a family friend and said she needed to drop off the couple's 10-month-old son. Peter was having a heart attack, she allegedly said.

Teresa arrived at the woman's home with a load of diapers, formula and other baby items. Later, the woman discovered Teresa's driver's license, $500 and a note with the infant's Social Security card that said Teresa wanted the woman to raise the baby.

Police believe Teresa drove back to her home on South Cherokee Way with the intent of killing her mother-in-law and husband.

When police arrived, Peter was barely alive. He remembers talking to a police officer, who stood over his bloodied body, and blacking out on his way to the ambulance.

Teresa later turned herself in to police, still cradling the gun, law enforcement officials said.

They have offered no motive for the shootings.

'Victim of circumstance'

Teresa, 25, has spent eight months in the Arapahoe County Jail, only able to communicate with her husband through friends who visit her.

But that's far from what Spitz wants. He wants to be with her, even if he can't see her. He wants to show his support, even if he can't touch her.

"I know who she is and what she thinks," Spitz said. "You just don't change from good to bad in one second. She didn't do this out of greed or because she was angry or because she wanted out of the relationship. It's terrible that Teresa brought all of this pain, but it was not malicious."

Teresa, who declined a jailhouse interview, has been evaluated at Colorado Mental Health Institute in Pueblo, and the results of her examination are not yet known.

Spitz believes Teresa suffers from a mental illness because of "terrible things that occurred in her childhood." He said he couldn't elaborate, in fear that it would hurt his wife's trial.

But Spitz admits that she never exhibited signs of a mental illness before May 17.

"Sending her to prison is absolutely the worst thing that could happen," he said. "I think they should commit her to the hospital for as long as it takes. I'm not expecting that it's going to be like it was before."

And it hasn't been.

Spitz spent six months in a nursing home, learning to cope without his sight. He typically goes to physical therapy four or five times a day for a total of about seven hours. He's learning how to read Braille, ride a bus, cook and clean, and now, live alone in transitional housing. His 16-month-old son remains with Teresa's friend.

"I'm suffering more right now because of the court system," he said. "I need to be able to talk to my wife.

"I'm not going to be a witness for the prosecution. Absolutely not. They're going to have to find me in contempt. I don't consider myself a victim. Maybe a victim of circumstance, but not a victim of Teresa."

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby Onyx » Sun Jan 09, 2005 7:50 am

Yes, I like to consider myself sane, save for a few bouts of monthly moodiness, that effects nothing, except for the carton of ice cream in my freezer....LOL

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby The Ultimate Misogynist » Sun Jan 09, 2005 11:09 am

Absolutely DO NOT get sucked in by any courses offered by any church. I am a former fundamentalist wacko, and I can assure you that the churches are controlled by woman, almost without exception.

Your former bride has NOT changed her opinions about you in any way, and just wants to use her church to get you to submit to her authority. Funny how the bible preaches it the other way around......

TRUST me on what I am about to say- The churches are full of vile females who are no more pure that any of the wenches on the outside. As I have said for some time, a religious woman is just a < edited > with a Bible under her arms. I know to many devout Christian men, including three friends who are/were pastors who had cheating wives.

NEVER, repeat: NEVER trust any woman at any time. A supposedly "good woman" is like a "tame" mountain lion. Peaceful for the moment, but you can never trust it, as it will go back to it's wild nature at the drop of a hat. A woman is no different. Her intentions are always suspect. Even the women who appear on this forum. Their sympathies always lie with their fishy sisters.

Just my thoughts.

The ULTIMATE misogynist
The Ultimate Misogynist

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby Kia » Sun Jan 09, 2005 12:32 pm

Not always . You were hurt.OK but not everyone is like your b***h ex.Believe it or not.I dislike women who think all men are bad.Prejudging others is just sad. I have no "motives" other then what I write and to change the laws.I understand that you are mad, hurt, whatever.But you are not a mindreader. I would not waste my time here and at CR if I felt different. Sorry you think that way.
Just MY thoughts.
Good luck to you and I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for.

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby The Ultimate Misogynist » Sun Jan 09, 2005 1:20 pm

My dear; I have never been married. However, I have a brother and a half brother that both committed suicide because of their wives, and another brother who had to flee the country as a last resort to escape an insane and onerous judgement against him in the divorce court. Furthermore, I have had countless friends who have been financially and emotionally ruined by their beloved wives. Through the grace of some Deity, I have escaped the ravages of divorce, but the pain and destruction of friends and family members has been just as bad. I can't bring my beloved brothers back to life, but I can seek to educate the men who will listen to reason in the hope that maybe some can be spared the miseries that are inherant in any relationship with a woman.

I have long campaigned against women and marraige in my personal life, and to a lesser extent, over the internet. I am one of the few men that actually understands women, in so far as one can understand insanity.
The Ultimate Misogynist

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby Onyx » Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:17 pm

I can agree with you on the bible stuff. i dont subscribe to any form of christianity myself (obviously)
For you to generalize women that are here (Kia and myself especially) makes me worry. I havent read enough of your posts to know, but do you have kids, if so, do you have the female variety?
My parents raised us, and there are 2 girls and one boy in our family growing up. My older sister is a typical female, the kind you would hate. I love her, but she is all female. My brother is my brother, all boy (man now) and then there is me. I clung to my Father like nobodies business. I was next to him for hockey and football, auto repairs, and yes through my parents divorce. I have the capability to think as a man because of the way I was raised-(and what I saw my Father go through. Yes, I am female and have strong maternal instinct..I am mothering two boys, and mens issues are important to me for these reasons).. but put a torque wrench in my hand and I can out-do most men in my field.
What I am trying to say is, that you really cant generalize because of certain varieties of females. I am sorry for the loses you endured as a result of it, and no one deserves to be put through that kind of hell. I think that I have proven myself on this board and others to be an honest person, and one who is all for changing the system. From what I have read from Kia, she is in the same boat, and I am impressed with her responses here, as I am with most of the men who post here. I specifically came here about a month ago and asked a question that got no replies. I attributed it to the busy nature of this board, and let it go. If you would like, I can do a search on it. It was my first post. I have never gotten any real flack from anyone here, and I thought I was doing an ok job contributing. Im really sorry that you feel the way you do. Perhaps over time, you will change your mind. Blessings, Onyx


Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby The Ultimate Misogynist » Sun Jan 09, 2005 2:44 pm


It's the exception that proves the rule, as they say. I realize that there ARE exceptions to almost any rule. Even where "womyn" are concerned. However, the overwhelming majority of women in the west operate as if they have no conscience. I think Weininger was correct when he asserted that women have no soul. It would explain much.

I am not attempting to attack any woman on this forum personally. I simply don't care about any woman that much. That has been burned out of me. Please remember that misogynists aren't born; they're made. By women. I used to think very highly of women. No longer. Do I hate women? For lack of a better term, I suppose I do. I would never harm one, and I still find myself opening doors for them and extending the usual courtesies. But I loathe women and evrything about them.

I don't post here very often because, strictly speaking, this forum is for men who have been fighting their way through the divorce courts. I don't qualify, as I have never been married, nor have I had any children. But, I care very deeply for my fellow men and am constantly distressed when I read the postings here by men who are being victimized by their wives. Sometimes I post just to offer some sort of advice or consolation.

So, forgive me if I doubt your intentions. I have yet to encounter a woman with any integrity.
The Ultimate Misogynist

Re: They're all nuts...

Unread postby Onyx » Sun Jan 09, 2005 3:40 pm

Thank you ... and as I said, someday, maybe you will change your mind about a few of us. I understand where you are coming from, really.
Blessings, Onyx


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