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Re: Back CS

Unread postby Anon for this » Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:07 pm

Even though this is obviously a "put on", it should be noted that her inheiritance will be cause to have spousal support stopped.
Anon for this

Re: Back CS

Unread postby No·MAD » Fri Jan 07, 2005 12:54 pm

Well, it is unlikely we are going to change the opinion of anyone that is hardheaded, narrowminded, and stuck in their ways.

To some people (such as most of our ex's), it doesn't matter what level of evidence you heap on the pile. Nothing short of the mother murdering one of the children will get any amount of change of view.

For instance, my ex is
living in a house twice as big as mine,
her only bill is for her car and entertainment (her own admittion),
she uses her mother to babysit on all her days of custody,
she decided she wanted her youth back so she left me 2 weeks before she turned 20,
she thought that the Ga guidlines were fair that I SHOULD pay 20% of my gross income to her,
she tells me (and everyone) that she ALLOWED me to pay her only 17% of my gross income and that I made MUCH more than what this based on....

The reality is that I have daughter over 60% of the time, my ex has her 20% of the time, and the remainder of the time daughter is with ex's mom.
The reality is that the 17% CS was based off the amount of a temporary contract job that has expired 3 months ago. She had an attorney pro bono and yet somehow I still had to pay some of her fees.
My record is crystal clean and she had zero against me.
She tells me (and everyone) that obviously she is right and I am wrong because the judge favored her...and obviously I'm not a good father because I haven't been paying my CS the last 3 months....and how can she expect to take care of HER daughter without my help...

Ok, to be fair this is her argument:
"You made x amount of money before so you can make x amount of money again. You should go out and get another job or 2 paying x amount of money. You once made twice as much as me and that is the only thing a judge will look at, not our living expenses or how much is spent on my child and not how much time child is with you or with me."

Yeah, that's fair. Take the blinders off.

Re: Something like your sitution NoMaD

Unread postby Kia » Fri Jan 07, 2005 4:27 pm

NoMad, sad thing is,many guys are "paying" to have their own children more then their ex.Pretty sad huh? I have a friend that has kid all the time and the mom see's the kid"once in a while" He has had the child since he was about 4 and he is now 13 or 14. The dad(that has almost 100% custody) STILL pays CS to the mom.This is true! It blew me away when he 1st told me.He is a laid back,smart guy that makes a lot of money.His ex is a bonofide crazy woman! I ask him why he did not go back to court to amend it and he said" I do not want to take the chance that the courts or my ex will change their minds and give her custody or change things." He says he would rather just pay because he has his son and loves him more then anything(and he is a darn good dad) So, he has to basically pay just to have his son!! I think I am more oissed then he is because he knows that that is just the way his situation is and does not want to chance it. CRAZY COURT SYSTEM FOR SURE! I am sorry that you have to do something like this too NoMad! We have to change those laws!

Either he is a DA or he isn't telling the entire story.

Unread postby No·MAD » Fri Jan 07, 2005 5:14 pm

If what you say is true...that your friend has nearly 100% custody of his 14 year old son for the last 10 years...and is still paying CS to his ex...

Then he is either a complete DA or he isn't telling you the entire story. Pick one.

Re: Either he is a DA or he isn't telling the entire story.

Unread postby Kia » Fri Jan 07, 2005 7:17 pm

I think the one thing that is holding him back is the fact that he is gay and his son does not know.maybe he thinks this will be brought up and he is very "not nelly" or really out. You would never know he was. He is an honest guy though.I have known him for about 5 years. he always says he is scared that "thinks will change" or the "judge will change things around" I think it is just blackmail! Just my observation though!Maybe he dupped me,I don't know and would never accuse him of that so I guess I will never know!NoMaD you know how unfair the courts are. Just another screwed over dad that is scared to rock the boat.


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