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Re: Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Unread postby a dad » Wed Mar 02, 2016 6:20 pm

Facebook is so 2015.
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Re: Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, etc.)

Unread postby Started Over » Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:22 pm

nr552 wrote:He's too young, terms of use violation. My EX setup my then S12's FB account, and intentionally blocked me so I wouldn't see it. I have a 2nd acct for various work related reasons that I use to check on "things", found his, reported it to FB as an underage person. FB took it down. I mentioned to then S12 that FB account was found, he back pedaled.. and I basically told him he was forbidden to have one until age 14 now, not the standard 13 due to blocking me. When he turned 14, he asked if he could have a FB account, and I helped him set it up.

Now he's got instagram, twitter, FB, snapchat, whatever else... and I have access to monitor it at any time. Take that stance now.

That's pretty close to my experience. My ex set up a facebook account for my daughter when she was 10. I asked for my daughter to sign in so I could monitor it. My daughter said she couldn't remember the password. So I had facebook cancel the account. Now she's older and has a couple social media accounts that I helped her set up and that I require her to allow me to log into and monitor and she does so without objection.

Everyone's situation is different, though.
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