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Unread postby RC611V » Wed Jun 27, 2012 12:11 am

I have used email to keep a journal and have not had to use it yet in my case, but I try to improve my journaling and never intend to stop doing it. I have a note-taking app in my android phone called Evernote that I think will be really good for journaling. It automatically uploads all notes to a website so you can access them anywhere from the internet, they are time and date stamped, and maybe the more unique part that could be useful is the GPS stamp that can be assigned to every note you upload.

I got a smartphone mostly to be able to save texts and record things, and I have tried to utilize it as much as possible. I'm not the best with this stuff, maybe other threads have addressed this better and maybe there are better apps for it, definitely not plugging this specific one, I was just typing a note tonight and thought I would let you guys know a tool I think has potential.
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