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Re: recording conversations

Unread postby Max » Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:01 pm

The Grey angle...

Scenario: Let's say it's 2 party, etc... etc... You and I are talking. Nothing recorded is admissible because I don't consent to you recording us talking.


- In a few days/weeks/months we're talking again and you think "Gee, that's not what he said before." Its a memory upgrade for you.

- I say, "I know I swiped x,y and z from work. So F$#^$#^ what?". Not admissible. Right? Ok. Not in court. But an anonymous drop to my boss would be gold. Don't do it. But leverage it. Then if you need to... Slip something else to my boss to let me know where you stand.

- Think balance. I accuse you of.... You have a recording. The officer will say, "Did you know you can't do that?", to which you'll reply, "Why no officer. I can't?" You'll get told to stop it but you'll also be saved that round because they can't flat out ignore it. I'd take a recording slap over an assault charge any day.
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Re: recording conversations

Unread postby Fatheroffour » Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:21 pm

There are no blanket notifications of "I am hereby recording our interactions in perpetuity". You need a disclosure every instance to CYA.
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Re: recording conversations

Unread postby NightSG » Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:22 am

CCR wrote:You have to be ultra protective of anything you record, as you can be prosecuted for a crime in some instances.

Yet, if record your spouse saying she just < edited > the neighbor in your bed and your child walked in, drained all the money from your joint accounts because it's "all hers," had your car stolen and smashed because she is so mad,

Wait, my two year old figured out how to get into the bank account and jack the car?

I am so fighting for custody. This could be a real money maker later. :mrgreen:
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