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Re: Digital Recorder - Tips and Tricks

Postby stb_divorced » Sun Jan 29, 2012 7:55 pm

as info to anyone thinking about getting a digital recorder - don't be intimidated by the price. i just picked up an awesome Olympus DM-420 from Craigslist. It retails for $150 but I got it for $60. this thing is brand new without a scratch on it.

I don't know why the guy was selling it and don't care - and I really don't care where he got it from or why his hands were shaking so bad. I'm not gonna "crack" and make any assumptions on that.

So, don't overlook the CL or your local pawnshops for some great deals! I know I probably could have haggled him down to 40-50 but I was happy because I was on my way to pay retail when he called me back....
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Re: Digital Recorder - Tips and Tricks

Postby WRS32 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:10 pm

Has anyone thought about placing a tiny device in kids bookbag or clothing when they go to NJ's. Maybe even put it inside the lining where it would never be found? Would any recordings be admissable? I'd love for the judge to hear some of the things NJ says to my boy.
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Re: Digital Recorder - Tips and Tricks

Postby Fatheroffour » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:13 pm

Illegal in every state.

That's the kind of recording that will get you in trouble.

This chick had the same idea. ... -fines.ars
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Re: Digital Recorder - Tips and Tricks

Postby WRS32 » Sun Jan 29, 2012 8:25 pm

whew!!! thanks for the tip FOF
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Re: Digital Recorder - Tips and Tricks

Postby Pman » Thu Jun 07, 2012 12:51 am

Just a heads up... I learned something very significant due to a criminal trial brought on by ANOTHER one of my ex's false allegations. Two ways to potentially defend against even your recordings being minimized by the other side, your ex or a DA (I'll give some context to my story after these two suggestions): 1). If possible, have some sort of back ground noise that can be verified or shown to be in sinc throughout a recording (I did and it saved my < hindquarters > it was the car heater fan that ran non-stop throughout). Mine was a poor'ish example, it helped my case but it would have been far better to have a radio on, familiar/popular music or 2) which is the direction I am heading. VIDEO RECORD WITH AUDIO.

Although my ex testified in said criminal hearing that it was ALWAYS an intent to limit my parenting time, even at TEMP ORDERS (for a normal divorce which mine is NOT, this is the midpoint in proceedings and I'm sure most people split bills, determine a sane course etc.) when asked "how much input, decision making etc. do you want from the [other parent]?". Answer: "NONE.". This coupled with calling the police and all edging I'd violated a restraining order that my ex lied to get in the first place, speaking badly about me to the children and often with me present and AUDIO recording. Finally, after we had a parenting plan in place, my ex claimed that I assaulted my ex and therefore violated the ever present restraining order... It was months before I saw my children again, my recording was annualized by an audio expert that testified in the three day trial by jury and the expert said it was uncut, original, clear and therefore NO assault was possible... Yet the DA paraded my ex back in for a re-direct in which the sole purpose was to discredit my audio recording. My ex testified that I was very high tech, I had lots of high-end audio things, things with lots of knobs, buttons, and stuff and therefore, even though the expert said that with a huge sound board, decades of experience etc., that it the expert could not have altered the recording, my ex told the court and the Jury that I had changed the recording, eliminating things, adding others and all as a ploy to get back at my ex. I was found not guilty but it would have been MUCH easier to let the court, jury and the DA, watch a video of my ex's bad behavior. Perhaps the DA would have dropped the case before I spent over $30,000 to defend my children's right to have a relationship with BOTH PARENTS, just to leave that trial, victorious but to find my ex felt I needed to be punished or my ex needed to get even so my ex has since alleged abuse and we have at least two more hearings in the next few months, while my children continue to suffer.

Moral of the story, I don't care who you are, a mother, a father, in a church choir and certain that neither of you would ever poison the children or use them to get back at the other. Wether you've agreed not to put the kids in the middle or just trust it won't happen. BOTH SIDES SHOULD LAWYER UP, GO TO THE SAME ATTORNEY TOGETHER TO GET A COLLABORATIVE DIVORCE, IF YOU REALLY HAVE THAT KIND OF GOOD NATURED RELATIONSHIPING, TRUSTING ENOUGH TO PROMISE NOT TO PLAY CHESS WITH CHILDREN, YOUR EX SHOULD UNDERSTAND HOW HEART FELT YOUR CONCERN IS THAT YOU BOTH NEED LEGAL HELP IN AVOIDING WHAT YOU PROMISSED TO NOT DO TO THE CHILDREN THAT THIS CONVERSATION SHOULD BE VERY AMICABLE (do you get my point? If you both care so much to be so open and honest with each other about the boundaries surrounding negatively impacting your children, you wouldn't be getting divorced, they call that clear, open, constructive and enviable communication. If nothing else, you wouldn't be in hear reading my post or discussing the next best digital recording device).

Good luck to all. KIDS FIRST. You can love people and use stuff, but if you love stuff and use people, your children are going to have a terrible time with relationships, just like you!
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Re: Digital Recorder - Tips and Tricks

Postby hoosier_dad » Thu Jun 07, 2012 5:31 am

So your revelation coming out of your experience is to recommend Dads enter into a collaborative divorce via a shared attorney with a STBX who is hell bent on removing all of your parenting rights?
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