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2 New Forum Suggestions...

Unread postby SunnyDaze » Fri Dec 11, 2015 2:08 pm


This entire forum and community is a really great resource and has been a real help to me. As I have gained experience I've tried to repay the help given to me by offering thoughts and advice on topics I feel knowledgable about. I had 2 ideas that might be a nice addition to the boards.


This is a hot topic that often gets lost under other headings. I think a lot of members need advice or info on how to keep legal fees under control, how much they can do themselves, preparing discovery, finding low cost atty's when you have no resources, what reasonable and unreasonable fees are, tracking and understanding the statements your lawyer sends you, when your lawyer might be fleecing you, how to keep the mountain of docs organized, etc. etc. etc.

I have learned that while your lawyers are definitely advocating for you, it's important to monitor them and not let fees get out of control.


I've noticed that you have "What I've Learned" and "What I'd Do Differently" sections but maybe a place for people who have wrapped it all up to post their whole story (should they choose to) would be good. I saw recently that some people posted that they were finally divorced and settled - which got a lot of responses asking to hear the whole story.

This would be a good resource because people could post their story in one place and what their mistakes and smart moves were - without people having to go mine the boards for details.

Just a thought. Thanks again for a nice resource for us all.
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